Simplifying the Choice of LED Flood Light

LED flood light designed for superior performance, versatility and value. Wheter the project is lighting a sign, building facade or parking lot, FOCYI LED floodlight series makes the choice easy. Combining value and performance in a design, the FOCYI LED floodlight series deliver superior uniformity and excellent illumination to the targeted application. With lumen packages ranging from 1,000 to 2,2000 lumens, the FOCYI LED floodlights are the ideal solution for replacing legacy metal halide solutions ranging from 70-1000 watts.

200W LED Flood Light

An innovative, thermal design extends the life of the LEDs and fixture resulting in 5 years of maintenance-free saving.

FOCYI LED floodlight series delivers superior performance, long term reliability and significant energy savings, making the choice simple.

This flood light emits a 100° beam for landscape lighting, architectural wall washing, advertising board lighting, tree uplighting. With an adjustable bracket for easy mounting.

This weatherproof fixture is constructed of heavy die cast aluminum with an integral heat sink and tempered glass.

Each flood light is equipped with a built-in CE or UL approved constant current driver.

Warm White, Natural White, Daylight, Cool White available.

Innovation meets sustainability

Combining the latest LED technology with forward thinking sustainability, the FOCYI LED floodlight series is lighting the way with a spotlight on superior performance.

Long term reliability

Innovation thermal management design maximizes heat dissipation resulting in longer fixture and LED life. The die-cast housings are IP66 for exceptional durability and long term reliability. With lumen maintenance greater than 90 percent at 50,000 hours, the FOCYI LED floodlights are built for years of maintenance-free service.